What sets "Gourmet To You" apart from other Personal Chef Services is "Food Experience." 

We never started out as computer programmers or CPA's or the like who suddenly woke up one day and decided to "quit the corporate life" and become personal chefs. 

We started our careers in food and have remained in food. We didn't quit our day job to become personal chefs....we chose our day job as personal chefs.

Gourmet To You is in its 17th year for two reasons...

1. Quality of Product  2. Quality of Service!


Mark and Tarra Cygler have 40+ years combined experience in the food industry. Their culinary talents range from "Gourmet Fine Dining" to "Down Home Country Cooking."

Their food industry experience includes restaurant ownership, restaurant management, catering management and hotel executive food and beverage management.

Mark and Tarra are members of the United States Personal Chef Association. The USPCA is the leader in the Personal Chef industry and is now recognized as the world's "Premier" Personal Chef organization representing professional Personal Chefs from around the globe. The USPCA sets the standards and provides the credentials for all qualified Personal Chefs.

Please keep in mind that there are a few "knock off" Personal Chef Associations out there so please make sure that your chef is certified by the USPCA.

Mark and Tarra are both USPCA Certified Personal Chefs. Mark  is also the founder of the Middle Tennessee Chapter of the USPCA, Former National Chapter Liaison for the USPCA and is also a Certified Personal Chef Instructor for the USPCA.  

Mark and Tarra have also been formally trained in the Health and Sanitation procedures that are set forth by the Department of Health.

Media Coverage

Gourmet To You has been featured in "The Tennessean", "Nashville Parent" and the Brentwood "Review Appeal". They have also been reviewed by Nashville's foremost food critic, Kay West of the "Nashville Scene" who gave them a big thumbs up.  

Tarra & Mark Cygler - 40+ Years of Experience

Tarra & Mark Cygler - 40+ Years of Experience

Contact US

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding our services, prices, etc; 

Our goal is to provide both our clients and potential clients the best food and service in Middle Tennessee. 


Mark & Tarra Cygler